The Community Cruisers provide convenient, monitored, free bike parking so you can #GoByBike to special events taking place at Centennial Park in Canmore throughout the summer. We can also be contracted to provide bike parking for other events in the Bow Valley, contact us for more details.

No matter where you are coming from in Canmore, going by bike is most likely the fastest way to get to the big events that draw hundreds and even thousands of people. Special events contribute to car congestion on downtown roads and make it difficult to find car parking. Using our bike parking service, you enter Centennial Park with your bike and have the closest, premium parking spots!  There is no more enjoyable way to travel through town than to take in the action, the sights, sounds and mountain scenery on a bike! As a bonus, you are saving money on gasoline, contributing to cleaner air and greenhouse gas reductions as well as getting some great exercise.

You will find us at he bike corral at the rear of Lawrence Grassi Middle School, at the west end of Centennial Park.  You can also look for our distinctive bright green tent canopy.

Although the bike parking service is free, we would appreciate a small donation in our donation jar at check-in to help cover the expenses of our various community projects. 

Look for us at the following events:

Plaid Goat
Canada Day In Canmore
Canmore Folk Music Festival
Canmore Highland Games