Community Cruisers isĀ governed by a volunteer board of directors.

Jen Tweddell
Jen TweddellChair
Jen was born and raised in Montreal but has called Canmore home since 2015. She’s been an avid cyclist since she can remember but discovered her passion for going everywhere by bike when she lived in the Netherlands for five years. The proud owner of four bikes, Jen subscribes to the n+1 theory of bicycle ownership – if n is the number of bikes you have then n+1 is the number of bikes you need.
Joshua Welsh
Joshua WelshSecretary
Josh tends to bring this belief to all that he does: that fostering human connections with the land is central to stewarding local communities to collectively overcome the global environmental crisis. He brings this to his current role as a town planner for Canmore as well as in past roles as a park ranger for Yosemite National Park, a landscape architect in Vancouver, British Columbia, and a professor of design in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His most personal connections with the land are most often made on trails covering countless kilometers as an ultra runner and on paths of all sorts as a lifelong cyclist.
Larry Kwan
Larry KwanTreasurer
Larry is from Saskatchewan via Calgary and has been in and out of Canmore since 2005. He and his family ski, hike, camp, canoe and bike extensively in the mountains. He believes that when we slow down, we eventually see our world. Biking is a floor to ceiling window that opens into the landscape drawing in the rider. Larry allegedly owns a few bikes. In semi-retirement, he offers his time, enthusiasm and support for the Bow Valley biking community.
Jeremy Elbourne
Jeremy ElbourneBoard Member
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Brian Frank
Brian FrankBoard Member
Brian brings a wealth of Board and governance experience from the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors. After living in numerous cities across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, he has settled in the Bow Valley. Brian is an active outdoor enthusiast and enjoys hiking, biking and playing in the mountains. With a road, cruiser, mountain and fat bike, he’s always looking for an opportunity to ride and has joined the Community Cruisers Board to promote and bring the benefits of biking to the Bow Valley.
Jessica Wheatley
Jessica WheatleyBoard Member
Since moving to the Bow Valley in 2014 and witnessing the traffic challenges we experience, Jess has become a keen advocate for alternate modes of transportation and is excited to bring this enthusiasm to her work as an engineer and to the Community Cruisers board. An avid mountain biker, snowboarder and stand up paddler Jess has recently been bitten by the winter biking bug, you will find her on two wheels no matter the weather. She currently owns 3 bikes, with a 4th (an e-bike) in her sights.
Simon Ham
Simon HamBoard Member
Simon has been a Bow Valley local for 20 years and he coordinates the Community Cruisers Hub Bike Workshop. A year round commuter cyclist and Simon also rides a unicycle, tall bike, mountain bike, and sometimes a custom chopper bike. He caught the cycling habit after two years as a bike messenger in Calgary in the late 90’s.
Annie Tredray
Annie TredrayBoard Member
Annie is an avid cyclist and passionate advocate for healthy aging. In 2017 she founded BigRedRide, an adaptive community ebike program in Banff. She learned from her clients compromised by age or with mobility issues, that despite these issues they still crave movability, freedom and adventure on a bike. Mountain biking is her favourite thing to do followed closely by cycle touring. She also loves the challenge of surfing, despite being regularly humbled in the waves!