Community Cruisers strongly supports the global movement to slow the speed of automotive traffic on community roads where people live, work, shop and play. The World Health Organization has taken the lead in stating that the maximum speed limit in these areas should be 30 kph.  We enthusiastically call on our municipal leaders to make this happen in Banff and Canmore!

Please click on the button below to express your support for 30 kph speed limits. We’ll add your name to the growing list of supporters for our Love 30 kph campaign.  

Why do we love 30 kph where we live, work and play?

  • It makes it more comfortable and enjoyable to go by bike, scooter, skateboard, wheelchair, or on foot.
  • It’s safer and more enjoyable when car traffic moves slower. The number of collisions and the severity of injuries in collisions are both reduced.
  • Data from other towns & cities shows more people will switch from driving to walking & wheeling, which reduces traffic congestion.
  • You’ll still arrive on time! Reducing speed from 50 kph to 30 kph is proven to have minimal impact on travel times.
  • It’s good for the environment. Vehicles travelling at 30 kph emit less pollutants, including greenhouse gases, than those travelling at 50 kph.
  • Less cars on our streets means improved local air quality. We now know that inhaling even the smallest amounts of exhaust emissions is toxic to the body, especially the brain.
  • Cars don’t shop, people do! Encouraging people to get out of their cars and experience our business sectors by bike and on foot, means they will spend more money at our businesses.
  • Research has shown that a 10 kph reduction in speed can produce a noise reduction of up to 40%.


Love 30 kph Supporters

LogoName or Organization NameLocationWebsite or Social Media Link
Claudia Carlsen Canmore
Brian Standish Banff
Shaun King Canmore
Laura Sydenham Canmore
Jen Tweddell Canmore
Community Cruisers Banff, Canmore
Felix Camire Canmore
Martin Slagorsky Canmore
Isabelle Daigneault Canmore
Sarah Hildebrand Canmore
Elizabeth Block Canmore
Jeremy White Canmore
Alisa Lattanzi Canmore
Jaime Sanderson Canmore
Marilyn Mann Other
Marty Avery Canmore
Marcus Williams Canmore
Bow Valley Primary Care Network (PCN) Banff, Canmore
Ellen Mathers Banff, Canmore
Sam Brett Canmore
Mark Farrer Canmore
Marie-Josee Guay Other
Amy Robinson Canmore
Samantha Frey Banff
Anna Semlyen - 20's Plenty for Us Campaign Manager Other
Jessica Olauson Canmore
Meghan Bryant Canmore
Erik Carleton Canmore
Jean McAlllister Canmore
Lu Douce Canmore
Kristin Slagorsky Canmore
Chris Miller Canmore
Mandy Johnson Canmore
Thomas Grandi Canmore
Sara Renner Canmore
Talus Lodge Other
Paintbox Lodge Canmore
Nadine Delorme Canmore
Gini Dalgas Canmore
Allanah Banff
Lucy Taylor Canmore
Andrea Quinlan Canmore
Active by Nature Canmore
Florian Jungen Canmore
Stavros Karlos Banff